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About Suvendu

I belong to “Gaya Gharana”(heritage) which is the pathfinder of solo Harmonium playing in India. I am a graded artist of Prasar Bharati(All India Radio) & am empanelled with ICCR(Gov of India). I have been learning harmonium from my grandfather Pandit Deb Kumar Banerjee since the age of 7. My guru Pandit Deb Kumar Banerjee a legendary Harmonium player, enriched Gaya Gharana with his “Gayaki” (Vocal nuances) style of playing and made solo harmonium playing appealing more than ever. My ancestor & dadaguru Sangeetacharya Montu Banerjee is a legendary figure in the history of harmonium playing. I am currently learning from Pandit Shyamal Chatterjee, the legendary sitar maestro of Senia-Maihar gharana & senior most disciple of Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar.

I had rigorous sessions of “Talim”(learning) as well as “Reyaaz”(practice) every day under the strict guidance of my grandfather. Prior to this, in order to enhance my rhythm sense, I learnt Tabla from legends like Ustad Sabir Khan, Pandit Shankar Ghosh and Sri Bickram Ghosh.I have also taken vocal training from Pandit Kumar Prasad Mukherjee. Since childhood I had the privilege of meeting musical maestros like Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty and many more, and got their blessings.

I have had the honour to be very close to Padmabhushan Sri Manna Dey since my childhood. Eminent music director duo Kalyanji- Anandji (Bollywood) invited me to Mumbai where I had the fortune to perform under their banner “The Small Wonders”.

I have completed my MSc in Advanced Computer Science from the University of Manchester (2010 -2011). I want to establish my “Gharana”, my instrument Harmonium, and myself in the global arena of Indian Classical Music. I want to win the hearts of millions of music lovers throughout the world, and establish my instrument Harmonium, as a solo instrument.

“Music has such tremendous power over the human mind; it brings it to concentration in a moment” ~ Swami Vivekananda

My latest album Keys 2 magic is an international release by onerpm and other releases include MAGIC BLACK BOX by Orion Music Company where Pandit Subhankar Banerjee had accompanied me on the Tabla.

I have another online album of Harmonium- Sarod duet with Dr. Avijit Ghosh which was produced by Twaang. I have been featured in two of the documentary films made on harmonium, one of which was about my Gharana (tradition of music) & family called the Musical Black Box and the other one was made by the Honourable Government of India on the instrument Harmonium.

I am a graded artist of Prasar Bharati(All India Radio) & empanelled to Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).

I stood first at the state level competition organised by the Government of West Bengal in the Solo Harmonium category.I got I.C.C.R. empanellment in the year 2010-11.

Harmonium is an instrument which is French and British by origin.I want to establish Harmonium as an Indian Classical solo instrument throughout the world.

I wish to make the world aware of the fact that even a “Black Box” can mesmerize numerous music loving people by its amazing capabilities. A blend of melody, speed and accuracy is optimally portrayed by Harmonium.

So a good projection of Harmonium in the global scenario can make wonders in the musical world. I would love to share my knowledge and expertise to all those who are keen to know about this instrument and embrace it with love and devotion.


  • Ali Akbar College of Music, California

  • Swara Samrat Festival, Kolkata

  • Sangit Mahabharati, Mumbai

  • Sangeet Research Academy

  • SAREGA,Scotland

  • Rajya Sangeet Academy(West Bengal Govt)

  • Indo Occidental Symbiosis

  • Doverlane Music Conference

  • BAMNE Liverpool, UK

  • Small Wonders(Mumbai Oberoi Towers)

  • Live in Series

  • Indian Habitat Centre (Delhi)

  • Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture

  • Sangeet Bhaban, Shantiniketan

  • East Kolkata Music Festival

  • Auroville(Pondicherry)

  • ICCR(Gov of India,Ministry of Culture)

Harmonium Workshop

I would love to share my experience & knowledge of 'Harmonium-The Magic Black Box' playing. Work shop & online classes available for all students including out station candidates.

Students in different regions of India, U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Trinidad, Brazil, Uruguay, Oman etc are learning Harmonium with great enthusiasm from me over online workshop and personal class.

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